Aug 5, 2023Liked by Rob Greenland

Hi Rob - I am re-reading this whilst sat on a train to Berlin! I remember reading this a year ago when we were first considering the idea of a family interrailing trip and I was looking for ideas and inspiration! Here we are now - 10 days into our trip, with another four days to go! We have travelled through the Netherlands, Germany and Austria so far. We have kept our plans quite simple, choosing to spend more time in a few places, over dashing around Northern Europe! We chose an interrailing ticket which offered four days of travel and bought it in their New Year sale. We have all really loved the trip so far. Sleeping on a barge in Amsterdam and an overnight sleeper to Innsbruck have been my teenage daughters accommodation highlights. Hiking in the Stubai valley has been wonderful over the last week with so much to do courtesy of the Stubai Super Card, offering lots of public transport options to travel around and explore. We are now looking forward to embracing all that Berlin has to offer for a few days before we head home via Brussels middle of next week. Thank you for the initial inspiration and top tips!

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